Canada City Lighting supplies high efficient parking lot lamps to protect the safety of customers and security on the property. LED lighting provides shopping malls, property managements, auto dealerships and commercial businesses the light required for their applications. We customize the lamp with lumens you require to meet your specification.
Canada City Lighting supplies high powered commercial High Bay Lighting to meet specifications for all high bay applications. In a bay 25 feet high our state-of-the-art high bay lighting provides a reading on the floor of 500lux. We customize the lumen you require to meet your requirements. This quality lighting provides light necessary for workers to get their work done with ease, while eliminating pollutants in the work place. LED lighting will make a huge difference in your high bay area while saving you 70% in energy costs. We invite you to speak with one of our friendly staff members who will explain how to start saving today.
                                                                           6'' MoonLight        2x4 Panel           1x4 Panel               2x2 Panel
Panel lights are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, square, rectangular or round, panel lights come in a variety of illuminations to meet your requirements, panel lights are rapidly replacing fluorescent tube lights, recess lights, par-lights and incandescent light bulbs etc...

Replace light bulbs with our moonlight panel and never have to change a bulb for 13 years based on 6 hours of usage per day

Save up to 85% in energy savings and 80% in maintenance costs, panel lights distribute a much cleaner even natural quality light for all interior applications
The United Nations Environment Program has released the "Minamata" Convention Agreed by Nations, Global Mercury Agreement to Lift Health Threats from Lives of Millions Worldwide. "Quote; Mercury and its various compounds have a range of serious health impacts including brain and neurological damage especially among the young. Others include kidney damage and damage to the digestive system. Victims can suffer memory loss and language impairment alongside many other well documented problems".

Governments have agreed on a range of mercury containing products whose productions, export and import will be banned by 2020.
  • Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs)
  • Mercury in cold cathode Fluorescent lamps and external electrode fluorescent lamps, among others.

International Governments have made a commitment to ban mercury containing incandescent and fluorescent lighting over 30 watts by 2020, Canada made a commitment to start in 2015 removing mercury containing lights.


Replacing the mercury containing lights and installing LED Lights you remove possible risks from your business, as well, you are protecting employees and yourself from any possible contamination and health issues caused by the mercury lights. This is a serious issue for the United Nations and Governments around the world to act so quickly, lets all take heed to this warning in advance and replace our lighting to a safe pollution free LED lighting.

Canada City Lighting custom designs panel lights to meet your requirements and specifications with lumen's from 700lm to 6150lm to provide clean natural visual light you expect. Panel lights have a long lifespan of 30,000 to 50,000 hours to save you 70% to 85% on expensive electricity costs and up to 80% in maintenance costs. LED's have a clean light source with no flickering that can easily retrofit fluorescent tube fixtures or incandescent light bulbs. LED's have additional benefits by eliminating pollution to make the work place a safer place to work. The price of LED panel lights are competitive to fluorescent tube fixtures. LED commercial panel lights can be custom designed to fit any application, we also supply standard dimensions of 300x300mm, 300x600mm, 300x1200mm, 600x1200mm to replace standard sizes. The panel light is 9mm thick, allowing the panel to be installed flush to the ceiling as shown above. The moonlight round panel light replaces the incandescent light bulbs with easy installation.