Canada City Lighting Corporation custom designs energy efficient lighting solutions for all our clients projects, including but not limited to, street lights, parking lot lights, industrial lighting and commercial lighting applications. All our lighting products are manufactured to retrofitted existing applications, this saves our customer a huge expense.

Canada City Lighting develops innovated lighting solutions to meet customers specifications, our lighting developments have received national and international recognition.

Canada City Lighting along with ten top international LED manufacturers submitted their most prized street lamps into a 90 day evaluation at the "INTERNATIONAL MANUFACTURERS DEMO STREET LIGHT COMPETITION" after the 90 day evaluation, our street lamps were awarded "FIRST PLACE" for the highest energy efficiency and the highest quality light color rendering (CRI). Our patented aluminum housing designs have no glass envelopes, no movable parts, meaning little chance of breakage. This evaluation proved that our lamps reduce energy consumption between 50% to 70% depending on the size of lamp chosen.

The highest cost in lighting is maintenance costs, our street lights reduce maintenance costs up to 80% and eliminates stocking of bulbs and replacement parts.

Canada City Lighting supplies high powered lamps to replace the 70w, 100w, 200w, 250w, 400w, 500w, 600w, 800w, 1000w, 1500w HID lamps. Our lamps dramatically reduce municipal, industrial and commercial energy cost and eliminates pollutants such as mercury, ultraviolet (UV) rays, infrared radiation (IR), light pollution and Green House Gas Emissions that impacts our environment. Our street lamps reduce carbon emissions by one ton per lamp, per year.

Our high powered parking lot lamps consume only 300 watts of power that replaces the 1000 watt Halogen lamp, this saves 70% in energy cost. We integrate Cree Chips in all our high powered street and parking lot lamp designs. Our lamps are in compliance with CSA, UL, CE, ETL, RoHS standards.

LED Cree Chips are rated for 100,000 hours, 70% efficiency point is rated at 50,000 to 70,000 hours to give you many maintenance free years.
When combining energy savings, maintenance and relamping costs and stocking of replacement parts over the life-cycle of the lamp, return on investment value exceeds 400%. Our street lamps protect pedestrians and vehicle operators on the streets with clean clear lighting, we have street and parking lot lamps to meet all specifications and lighting requirements for all applications.
Panel lights are a clean daylight visual light that distributes light evenly where required, with no flickering. Panel lights are quickly replacing fluorescent tube lights, par lights and incandescent light bulbs. Panel lights have a long lifespan of 30,000 to 50,000 hours (depending on the size of the panel) to save you money on energy consumption and maintenance costs.

Our Chief Technical Engineer has over 20 years experience working on small, medium and large scale projects, he will take lead on all projects to guarantee the final results are completed to our customers satisfaction.